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Dish Mats Revisited Again and Again!

stack 3 trimmed fat quarters and cut


Fabric Selection!  Yes, choosing fabrics for projects can take time and stall your progress!  In the process of selecting fabrics for demonstrating my dish drying mats, I was stuck.   I needed 2 coordinating fabrics but I had 3 that worked perfectly together.  No problem!  Make the dish mats with three fabrics!

Here’s a mini tutorial for making my dish mats with three fabrics.

1.  Stack 3 trimmed fat quarters and cut as shown.  I cut my borders at 4″ but you can use any measurement you want.

shuffle elements to make 3 dish mats

2.  Shuffle the elements to make 3 dish mats.

3.  Sew, assemble and quilt according to Linda’s Dish Mat Tutorial Revisited.

And you’re done!  Ready to gift, which is what I did with these!

3 dish mats done!


This technique would be great for place mats or even mug rugs! mug rug with dish mat technique


Here’s a mug rug I made using my dish mat revisited technique.

What have you made using this technique?

Thanks!  🙂 Linda



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