Bright Hopes Loose End

Bright Hopes Loose End


Look what I found while I was looking for fabric to cut up for my Chain Gang Postage Stamp Quilt!  This one is an oldie, I think I started it in 2002.

Back then I thought I would machine embroider something in the big blank blocks but I got side tracked on everything else and in a box it went.




The curved blocks were assembled using Quiltsmart printed interfacing.

The original plan was to add wide borders using the background fabric but …. somehow it got used as a backing fabric for someone’s quilt!  In fact, I’m not sure who’s quilt has it, I may have to do a little research to figure it out!


I still have the strips I cut for binding and a small piece of bird fabric. There might be enough for a small border but I’m thinking to just leave it as it is and finish it with some fun quilting in the big spaces.



Any opinions?


Thanks for looking!  And just keep stitchin’


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2 Responses

  1. I like your idea of decorative quilting in the big blocks. Your piecing is very bold and I think that embroidery would make the over all design too complex! I do hope you will post the completion when you are done! Beautiful! ~ Lynda