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Two down, Two to go!

Two down, Two to go!

wrapped and ready

Yesterday we welcomed, Sunny Joy!  The second of four babies to be born in my extended family this year!

Sunny Joy

My sister, Grandma Marge, was able to hand deliver this quilt before the baby was born

Isn’t she adorable?!


This is the third baby quilt I’ve made for them.  Here’s a link to the previous quilts.

It's a little tangy pattern

As you can see, I love scrappy!   All the fabric is 2 1/2″ strips from my scrap bin!

This quilt is in the book, Scrap-Basket Surprises by Kim Brackett.   The pattern is called “A Little Tangy”.

Stay tuned for baby 3 and 4 quilts to be revealed!

Thanks!  Linda 🙂


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June Finishes

Design Wall Monday (on Tuesday!)

Design Wall Monday (on Tuesday!)

30 vintage blocks


Last night, my quilting buddy and I deconstructed one of my vintage UFO flea market finds.

flea market ufo





I decided to trim each block to 10″.

Once we started laying them out on the design wall, the light and dark pattern became obvious.  With some rearranging, here’s the final offset layout.  I love the solid fabric framing the shirting fabric.  We’re guessing the fabric is from the 70’s, looks pretty “modern”, right?!

We’ll be going to a quilting retreat soon, hopefully, I can sew these blocks together!

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I’ve deconstructed two old quilts, are we seeing a pattern here?

Thanks!  Linda 🙂


Another T-Shirt Quilt – Done!

Another T-Shirt Quilt – Done!

Steph's 20 Shirt quilt

This has been the year for T-Shirt quilts!  Here’s the fourth t-shirt quilt that I’ve been commissioned to make.  This 20 shirt quilt is for Steph, a recent high school graduate.  Her mom brought me the shirts, Steph’s diagram for the layout and a general idea for fabric.  Working at a quality quilt shop helps with fabric buying!

One of the things I love about making t-shirt quilts is using shirts with a some wear and tear, a stain or a little hole.  Another thing is the product I use for the interfacing, Pellon Easy-Knit Fusible.  A wrinkled and rumpled t-shirt will become smooth and pliable.  The interfacing is a must when it come to quilting.

Medium Swirl and Curl

Back viewI often use a basic meander for t-shirt quilts but this one wanted a medium Swirl and Curl.

And I love quilting Swirl and Curl!

Here’s the 3rd quilt that I quilted after I got my longarm in 2004!  Barbara of Rainbows and Calico Things quilt shop made it, using my son’s t-shirts left behind when he went off to college.  The stars points are folded, which is  fun dimensional accent but not fun to quilt with a longarm because the hopping foot gets caught!Drew's Left Behind Ts

The quilt was on display in the shop before I gave it to him for Christmas in 2005.

Are you making a t-shirt quilt?  You can find more pictures of t-shirt quilts by scrolling down to the tag cloud and clicking on t-shirts.

Thanks!  Linda 🙂

Monkey Tails – Swirl and Curl 2

Monkey Tails – Swirl and Curl 2

Monkey quilt

One of my go to freehand styles is Swirl and Curl.   As you know, I love quilting swirls and curls!  That’s the design I suggested for Nancy’s Jungle quilt, which had monkey backing fabric.  When I started quilting it, I decided to round the center curl to create the Monkey Tail version.

I love it!

Swirl and Curl 2




What do you think?  The only problem with creating a new design is not making a mistake!   “Round off” was my mantra throughout the stitching process!   Send me your monkey quilts today!!  🙂

Thanks for looking!  🙂 Linda

Vintage Find – Feed Sacks and More

Vintage Find – Feed Sacks and More

Vintage Quilt


Last Saturday, I sold books, craft stuff and more at my sister’s yard sale.  However, some of my earnings went to the antique shop next door where I bought this vintage quilt!





Vintage Quilt with solid heavy muslin back



Half of the squares looked like feed sack fabric.  The back was a plain heavy muslin.



The quilt was machine stitched without batting.


feed sack fabric






I couldn’t resist some of these cute blocks!


feed sack fabric 2



And the border fabric was pretty awesome, too!  My plan was to cut the quilt into squares, right through the back.





Pioneer Feed sack



My quilting buddy, suggested that I take the time to rip out the stitches instead of cutting it through all the layers.

After a few minutes of ripping, the inside of the quilt revealed that the backing fabric was made of Pioneer Feed Sacks!  Cool!



Pioneer Feed sack 2






feed sack blocks




I now have a deconstructed quilt!


The other fabrics were probably from clothing or bedspreads, however, some look very modern!

unknown fabric



All of them were marked with a pen and cut with a scissor.


There are some minor stains but all the fabric is pristine and no wear on the seams.

For now, the fabric will be added to my pile of vintage fabric, waiting for a burst of energy from me to sew it back together!  Wish me luck!

I’m linking with Coloradolady: Vintage Thingie Thursday.  Check out other vintage finds here!

Thanks!  🙂 Linda

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