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Graduation Quilts Recap

Graduation Quilts Recap
City High T-Shirt quilt designed by Ashton

City High T-Shirt quilt designed by Ashton

Now that graduation is over for most schools, I can post recent quilts made for grads!  The last quilt is a commissioned T-shirt quilt that I made for a lucky high school grad.

Pink Log Cabin with star set

Pink Log Cabin with Star Center by Lyn

Cross Quilt designed by Lyn

Cross Quilt designed by Lyn

I love presenting a quilt wrapped and ready for gifting!

wrapped and ready

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One Side, Two Sides!

One Side, Two Sides!

One side


I was excited to help Diane finish the t-shirt quilt she started for her son.



But wait, the quilt is reversible!  There is another set of t-shirts on the other side!

two sides



I have to admit, I was reluctant to quilt a two sided t-shirt quilt.  But after a little research on my trusty longarm forum, I decided to jump ahead and do it.  The large borders allowed me to stagger the shirts on the “back” and keep the intersections from being on top of each other.  The result was great and the fabric trimmed from the top was used to make the binding.  All done!

Have you made a 2 sided t-shirt quilt?  Thanks!  Linda 🙂


Another T-Shirt Quilt – Done!

Another T-Shirt Quilt – Done!

Steph's 20 Shirt quilt

This has been the year for T-Shirt quilts!  Here’s the fourth t-shirt quilt that I’ve been commissioned to make.  This 20 shirt quilt is for Steph, a recent high school graduate.  Her mom brought me the shirts, Steph’s diagram for the layout and a general idea for fabric.  Working at a quality quilt shop helps with fabric buying!

One of the things I love about making t-shirt quilts is using shirts with a some wear and tear, a stain or a little hole.  Another thing is the product I use for the interfacing, Pellon Easy-Knit Fusible.  A wrinkled and rumpled t-shirt will become smooth and pliable.  The interfacing is a must when it come to quilting.

Medium Swirl and Curl

Back viewI often use a basic meander for t-shirt quilts but this one wanted a medium Swirl and Curl.

And I love quilting Swirl and Curl!

Here’s the 3rd quilt that I quilted after I got my longarm in 2004!  Barbara of Rainbows and Calico Things quilt shop made it, using my son’s t-shirts left behind when he went off to college.  The stars points are folded, which is  fun dimensional accent but not fun to quilt with a longarm because the hopping foot gets caught!Drew's Left Behind Ts

The quilt was on display in the shop before I gave it to him for Christmas in 2005.

Are you making a t-shirt quilt?  You can find more pictures of t-shirt quilts by scrolling down to the tag cloud and clicking on t-shirts.

Thanks!  Linda 🙂

T-Shirt Memory Quilts

T-Shirt Memory Quilts

12 shirts with sashing and cornerstones

T-Shirt quilts are wonderful keepsakes and fun to make.  While making commissioned quilts is not a main part of my business, I’ve had the opportunity to make two memory quilts recently.  I’m honored that they have trusted me with their late husband’s shirts, having faith in the end result.

Based on the shirts and initial interview, I approached each quilt differently.  For Sandy’s 12 shirt quilt, I used a colorful sports sashing with black cornerstones and black binding.

20 t-shirts narrow frames and borderFor Bunny’s 20 shirt quilt, I used  narrow sashing and  a wide border.  The blank shirts are favorite polo shirts and a work shirt.  I love that Bunny thought outside the box to capture a memory.

The shirts are backed with Pellon Easy Knit fusible, crossing the stretch of the shirt with the stretch of the fusible.  Both quilts are finished with a basic simple meander, Quilter’s Dream poly select battingSuperior Threads So Fine 50 thread and stitching prayers of comfort and care.

Do you have a favorite setting for t-shirt quilts?  Here’s a link to the first t-shirt quilt I made for my nephew’s high school graduation.  Check out the sashing for special messages written in thread!  For other t-shirt quilt posts, scroll down and click on t-shirts in the tag cloud.

Thanks!  🙂 Linda


T-Shirt Quilts

T-Shirt Quilts

Dave and quilt


Dave's T-Shirt quiltLast year, I was honored to make a surprise Christmas present for a very special person.  The t-shirts had two themes – clowning or The Hamburg Inn.  Some of the shirts were one of a kind and rare!

A t-shirt quilt is a great way to “keep” those special shirts that you can’t throw away but no longer want to wear them.

I love the shirts that are very worn or have stains on them!  Adds character!

The Burg and Clowns

Last summer, I quilted Julie’s quilt for her college bound daughter, Maggie.  She choose a BQ3 pattern to set the t-shirts, which gives it a totally different look.  The cow tail and small patches applied are a couple fun details, too!

Maggie's T-Shirt quilt - BQ3 patternCow tail

Small patches applied

Do you have a favorite T-Shirt quilt making method?

If you find yourself in Iowa City, IA, be sure to dine at The Hamburg Inn, it’s an experience you won’t regret or forget.  Some people walk miles to enjoy their cuisine!

Still time to enter my book giveaway, here’s the link.  🙂 Linda

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