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Strings and Snippets!

Strings and Snippets!

bag of strings for tummy time quiltsWhat is a string?  In my world it’s a strip of fabric perfect for creating some of my favorite scrappy projects.string blocks from retreat 15-001Such as 36 string blocks for the next Tummy Time quilt!skinny strings for bowlsAnd then it’s 1/2″ – 3/4″ strips, perfect size for clothesline bowls!string bowl and dog bed scrapsAnd then we’re down to the little snippets that are saved, yes, saved for dog bed stuffing!trash bag full of scrapsAnd when I’m leaving a recent quilting retreat, my friend hands me a trash bag full of scraps for me to sort into strings and dog bed stuffing!  I have the best friends!

🙂 Linda

Addendum:  some of the trash bag scraps became postage stamp charms, people will throw away anything!

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