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Dolly Quilts and Super Hero Blanket! 

Dolly Quilts and Super Hero Blanket! 

I can’t help it!  I love buying mini charm packs to make dolly quilts!  And it gave me something to buy when I went to Paducah for Quilt Fest last month,  like I needed help!

Don’t they look cute?  All bundled for giving to one year old twins.

I also couldn’t resist making Liam a Marvel super hero blanket.  I say blanket because it’s fabric and polar fleece quilted together, no batting.  After missing his Hulk and Captain America 2 year birthday party, I knew this would be a perfect belated present.

And I think he likes it!!  He has the best cheesy smile!!


Have a great holiday weekend and stay safe this Memorial Day.


Linda 🙂

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Glacier Star Reveal

Glacier Star Reveal

Janann's Glacier StarJanann’s Glacier Star palette is totally different from Mary’s and I love the desert look.The batting is a layer of Quilters Dream Blend and Dream Poly, which fills out the quilting designs nicely.

Now that I’ve figured out how to post from my phone,  yay!, expect more mini posts from me! 

Thanks!  Linda 

Glacier Star Sneak Peak

Glacier Star Sneak Peak

14950547478572105006652 Here’s a sneak peak at another Glacier Star quilt! Of course,  it’s the back.

I’m also testing using my phone to make this blog post!

Thanks for letting me run this test!



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