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Chalk Mat for Jordy!

Chalk Mat for Jordy!

final version after ironing


Happy Birthday, Jordy!  I’m always looking for the next best gift idea to make for my grand nieces and nephews.  After seeing these at a craft show, I decided to make my own.  Of course.  This is actually the 5th version!

My friend, Candace, auditioned the first two with her grandchildren.  I made one with batting and one without.  The consensus was that the batting was easier to write on.

.alternate version


After that, I worked on how to border it

Here’s a version with turned up edges.

The chalkboard fabric is so slippery, it was very hard to do this without puckering.



framed version



For the next version I added borders, using the quilt as you go method.  The binding is 4 strips with the ends turned under.  That was easy.  On a side note, dark fabric shows the white chalk residue.



before ironing


The final version is Jordy’s Hot Wheels fabric and I found a long piece of gray for the binding, which I attached like I would for a quilt.  The chalkboard fabric wasn’t laying flat and I took chance and ironed it from the back on low, which improved it.


I didn’t get a picture of the kids playing with them, but they loved them!




I’m linking up with A Stitch In Time for a November finish!  I need to be finishing some quilts, but this will have to do for know!  Check out the other November finishes!

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Thanks!  Linda 🙂

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