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Hannah’s Quilt and more Quilt Pictures!

Hannah’s Quilt and more Quilt Pictures!

Hannah's 4 H Lone Star quiltJack‘s cousin, Hannah, made a scrappy Lone Star quilt with the help of her grandma for 4H.  Hannah and family stopped by the studio to take project pictures and watch me quilt some of the quilt.

Lone Star detail quiltingI put the ruler foot and extended base back on my longarm to make the CC around the points of the Lone Star and SID the star and background, the rest is freehand quilting.  Now that my ruler foot is back on, I’ll have to find some more projects for ruler work!

Lone Star background quiltingThe batting is Quilter’s Dream Puff and the thread is two different colors of Superior Rainbows.  When Hannah gets a little taller, maybe I’ll let her quilt on her own quilt like her cousin Jack!

Click the picture links for more client quilts quilted by me!

Quilt Pictures!

More Quilt Pictures!

Thanks!  Linda 🙂

Two Memory “T” Shirt Quilts

Two Memory “T” Shirt Quilts

ready for giving 1Memory quilt 1It’s fun to make memory quilts and Sue’s collection of shirts were special.  The first quilt uses favorite shirts of all types, including work shirts with pockets and buttons!4 shirt stylesI used an uneven four patch to get the small units together and the little Herky was cut out of another shirt and appliqued on.ready for giving 2Memory quilt 2The second memory quilt uses similar woven, rayon and knit favorites.  To add interest, I made a four patch out of the woven stripe shirts.  The three patch center unit allowed me to use the polo shirt motifs.  I love the wild rayon shirt prints!  As you can see, it doesn’t always have to be a “t”-shirt!

Are you ready to make a “Memory Quilt”?  If not, bring me your shirts and I’ll make it for you!

Thanks, Linda 🙂

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