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Vintage Carolina Lily Quilt

Vintage Carolina Lily Quilt
Vintage Carolina Lily

This vintage Carolina Lily quilt was fun to quilt! The outside edges are difficult to see in this picture but the cone shaped border will be finished with scalloped edges. I’m hoping for a finished picture after Nancy attaches the binding. If it was me, I would cut that straight! And that’s why she is finishing it and not me!!

Center quilting detail

The large on point setting blocks were perfect for some feathered wreaths!

Before quilting

Sometimes vintage quilts are not perfectly flat or have some fullness issues. Every time I started a block, I was nervous it would not “quilt out”!

After quilting

I’m happy to say every block turned out great!

Just for fun, here’s a modern Carolina Lily quilt.

Big modern Carolina Lily quilt

Corner detail of Carolina Lily

Thanks for looking! All the quilting is freehand with an 2017 APQS Freddie, affectionately known as Winifred. I love to hear from you, please comment on my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Linda

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