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Vintage Carolina Lily Quilt

Vintage Carolina Lily Quilt
Vintage Carolina Lily

This vintage Carolina Lily quilt was fun to quilt! The outside edges are difficult to see in this picture but the cone shaped border will be finished with scalloped edges. I’m hoping for a finished picture after Nancy attaches the binding. If it was me, I would cut that straight! And that’s why she is finishing it and not me!!

Center quilting detail

The large on point setting blocks were perfect for some feathered wreaths!

Before quilting

Sometimes vintage quilts are not perfectly flat or have some fullness issues. Every time I started a block, I was nervous it would not “quilt out”!

After quilting

I’m happy to say every block turned out great!

Just for fun, here’s a modern Carolina Lily quilt.

Big modern Carolina Lily quilt

Corner detail of Carolina Lily

Thanks for looking! All the quilting is freehand with an 2017 APQS Freddie, affectionately known as Winifred. I love to hear from you, please comment on my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Linda

Big Hugs Quilt

Big Hugs Quilt

What do you do when your sister calls you asking for a quilt for her best friend?!  You go to your stash of almost finished quilts and finish it!  I originally called this “The Big O Quilt” but when my sister explained that her friend did a huge favor for her, I changed the name to “Big Hugs Quilt”!  I didn’t have a quilt pattern, it’s half square triangles and squares arranged to make a big “O”.  It’s a great use for a fat quarter bundle that you don’t know what to do with!

The quilting is a freehand edge to edge, “Swirled Feathers”, it’s a fun design to stitch out!I even found a fun label with a perfect sentiment to complete the quilt!

While it seems I’m only quilting for myself, I have been very busy quilting for others!  Here’s an antique/vintage Dresden Plate quilt quilted with freehand feather meander.Some of the plate wedges were very worn and faded but most were in good shape,  It’s fun to stitch old quilts and observe the fabric designs and fabric type!

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Vintage Find – Feed Sacks and More

Vintage Find – Feed Sacks and More

Vintage Quilt


Last Saturday, I sold books, craft stuff and more at my sister’s yard sale.  However, some of my earnings went to the antique shop next door where I bought this vintage quilt!





Vintage Quilt with solid heavy muslin back



Half of the squares looked like feed sack fabric.  The back was a plain heavy muslin.



The quilt was machine stitched without batting.


feed sack fabric






I couldn’t resist some of these cute blocks!


feed sack fabric 2



And the border fabric was pretty awesome, too!  My plan was to cut the quilt into squares, right through the back.





Pioneer Feed sack



My quilting buddy, suggested that I take the time to rip out the stitches instead of cutting it through all the layers.

After a few minutes of ripping, the inside of the quilt revealed that the backing fabric was made of Pioneer Feed Sacks!  Cool!



Pioneer Feed sack 2






feed sack blocks




I now have a deconstructed quilt!


The other fabrics were probably from clothing or bedspreads, however, some look very modern!

unknown fabric



All of them were marked with a pen and cut with a scissor.


There are some minor stains but all the fabric is pristine and no wear on the seams.

For now, the fabric will be added to my pile of vintage fabric, waiting for a burst of energy from me to sew it back together!  Wish me luck!

I’m linking with Coloradolady: Vintage Thingie Thursday.  Check out other vintage finds here!

Thanks!  🙂 Linda

Little Vintage Finish and Back to Work!

Little Vintage Finish and Back to Work!

50 cent find


Retreats and Florida vacation, oh my!

Here’s one of my flea market bargains, finished!  It measures about 32 x 39 inches and I’m amazed how great it looks quilted.  The sewing is very “off” and several blocks were trimmed in the process of squaring it up for binding.  Even with puckered seams and unusual fabric, I love how it looks!  I finished it with some very old chambray fabric from my pre-quilting stash.  This would make a great little play mat or mini picnic quilt.  In case you’re wondering, I paid 50 cents for the unfinished quilt top!

I’m linking up with A Stitch in Time for a February finish.

February Finishes
Drew and Ma


Yes,Orlando was wonderful and we had a great time enjoying the sunshine and walks around the lake.  My son likes to grow a beard for Florida “winters”!  We visited a couple nice quilt shops, too.

Now that taxes, laundry and mail are caught up, I can get back to LAQ.  The next one is big.  The backing fabric uses every inch of my leaders!

no more room






Thanks for visiting!  🙂 Linda

Margie’s Cheater Quilt

Margie’s Cheater Quilt

Margie's quilt before washing and drying

Last November, I spent a weekend with my sisters.  We foraged through Marge’s closet and found lots of fun stuff!  One of the finds was a cheater quilt that Marge had hoped to hand quilt.  As you know, I’ve been collecting “vintage” tops to finish on my longarm.  Just what I need, more UFOs!

Here’s the quilt finished and bound before washing and drying.  I did not pre-wash the fabrics because I wanted to wash and dry the quilt for the wrinkly, antique look.

after washing and drying

Here’s the quilt after washing.  Every flower center is quilted with a different design.  That was the fun part for me!  I challenged myself to get out rulers, that I never use, to create a fill pattern.  I enjoyed doing freehand feathers the most and had to refrain from putting a feather in each one!

I love it!  It’s going to be very hard to give this quilt back to Marge!

back detail after washing and drying

Every flower block is outlined and echoed, which gives lots of texture.  The petals and leaves puff out giving it the impression of applique.

Back and front detail

The binding is a dark gold Kona cotton.  I love it!  Thanks for looking!  🙂 Linda


I’m linking with A Stitch In Time for a January 2013 finish.

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January Finishes

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