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Surprise “Congrats Quilt” for Jenny!

Surprise “Congrats Quilt” for Jenny!

Every year we travel to my brother’s house in Missouri to celebrate Thanksgiving with a big family reunion! This year I was able to deliver a surprise quilt for my niece Jenny who is graduating with a Business degree in December! Her daughter, Alexis (on left) gave me the idea earlier this year and if you know quilters, we are always looking for someone to gift a quilt to! Alexis received a quilt from me when she graduated high school, here’s a link to that quilt! The quilt pattern is Squiggles in Christa Watson’s book, Piece and Quilt with Precuts. I hope all of you had a great holiday weekend and now it’s December! Woohoo!

Thank you! Linda D

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy 2019!

Here’s my 2018 by the numbers! I ended the year with a career grand total of 998 quilts! I keep a diary of every quilt that was loaded on my longarm since starting my business and soon I’ll hit that 1000 mark! Last year I quilted 44 customer quilts, 9 charity quilt and 6 personal quilts. Here’s a sampling of 2018 customer quilts. Click any picture for a larger view.

As usual, I made wedding and baby quilts. Here’s a sampling of those!

I should keep diary of crafty sewing projects. I have no idea how many of these I’ve made.

Everyone’s favorite phone or tablet holder.

My sisters and I have had a few sewing weekends, too! We completed 15 Hot Pad Table Runners and have several more ready to finish! Click the hyper-link to purchase your own copy of the pattern.

Here’s a few of the Hot Pad Table Runners, finished and ready to finish. A great way to use up those random fat quarters!

Grocery bag holders, yoga mat straps, eye glass case, tablet case, dolly diapers, child tea towel aprons, dolly aprons, dolly quilts! And the list goes on to whatever idea we can come up with!

Last year was a year of travel and quilt shows and so far, 2019 looks like it will be too! I can’t really say how much blogging will be going on, many “famous” bloggers have called it quits recently. I plan to keep posting on Instagram and Facebook occasionally, feel free to comment or contact me there.

Have a happy and safe 2019!


Big Hugs Quilt

Big Hugs Quilt

What do you do when your sister calls you asking for a quilt for her best friend?!  You go to your stash of almost finished quilts and finish it!  I originally called this “The Big O Quilt” but when my sister explained that her friend did a huge favor for her, I changed the name to “Big Hugs Quilt”!  I didn’t have a quilt pattern, it’s half square triangles and squares arranged to make a big “O”.  It’s a great use for a fat quarter bundle that you don’t know what to do with!

The quilting is a freehand edge to edge, “Swirled Feathers”, it’s a fun design to stitch out!I even found a fun label with a perfect sentiment to complete the quilt!

While it seems I’m only quilting for myself, I have been very busy quilting for others!  Here’s an antique/vintage Dresden Plate quilt quilted with freehand feather meander.Some of the plate wedges were very worn and faded but most were in good shape,  It’s fun to stitch old quilts and observe the fabric designs and fabric type!

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Salome Ruth’s Tummy Time Quilt

Salome Ruth’s Tummy Time Quilt

Scrappy string quilts are one of my favorites for a new baby’s tummy time quilt.  Last month my sister hand delivered this to the newest family edition, Salome Ruth, her 8th grandchild and 7th girl!Sometimes, if I make the quilt after they’re born, I can stitch their name into the quilt.  And since this little one has 3 other siblings she can say this one is hers!I almost forgot to add my name and got it into the last little corner of the quilt!A recycle bed sheet package is a great way to send it on the plane! And here’s cute little Salome trying out her quilt!! The quilting design is a freehand echoed heart.  I still have lots of strings left and will be making another one soon!

Have a great day stitching!

Linda 🙂

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Natalie’s Reading Quilt

Natalie’s Reading Quilt

Not sure what to do with a charm pack?  Make a reading quilt, the right size for your reading corner!  I framed each charm with alternating peppered cotton grouping each color together.The quilting is a simple squiggly line around the blocks and a squarish flower in the block.  Wrapped with a piece of selvage and it’s ready to give to Natalie!

Thanks for hanging in there while I fix some blog issues.  Hopefully, I can post more often!

🙂 Linda

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