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Tummy Time Quilt for Nikola

Tummy Time Quilt for Nikola

This summer I traveled to Czech Republic to deliver a baby quilt to my nephew’s new baby, Nikola Lily! Her older sister, Simona, received her baby quilt via my sister when she visited in 2017. This time, I was able to deliver it personally with my 2 sisters! In addition to meeting the latest member of our family, we had a grand time exploring Czech Republic!

I love it when I can stitch their name in the quilt and add my personal signature “Love – Aunt Linda”!

My sister found this “vintage” panel while organizing and I decided it’d be a fun gift for Nikki, too!

Where will I go next to deliver a quilt? Not sure, but I hope it’s another country!!

Thanks! Linda D

Salome Ruth’s Tummy Time Quilt

Salome Ruth’s Tummy Time Quilt

Scrappy string quilts are one of my favorites for a new baby’s tummy time quilt.  Last month my sister hand delivered this to the newest family edition, Salome Ruth, her 8th grandchild and 7th girl!Sometimes, if I make the quilt after they’re born, I can stitch their name into the quilt.  And since this little one has 3 other siblings she can say this one is hers!I almost forgot to add my name and got it into the last little corner of the quilt!A recycle bed sheet package is a great way to send it on the plane! And here’s cute little Salome trying out her quilt!! The quilting design is a freehand echoed heart.  I still have lots of strings left and will be making another one soon!

Have a great day stitching!

Linda 🙂

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Tummy Time One, Tummy Time Two!

Tummy Time One, Tummy Time Two!

Wrapped and Ready for gifting

The latest baby addition to our family is identical twin girls and I was happy to present them with their personalized Tummy Time quilts!  Their big sister, Aria’s quilt is all about being a princess and for Ava and Kaleigh it’s Rectangle Strings.  Kaleigh Mae Tummy Time Ava Loren Tummy TimeI waited until after they were born to quilt them so I could add the name, date and my signature!Kaleigh and Date Ava and Date love aunt linda with pieced bindingIt’s fun to see strips of Aria’s quilt in these quilts!  I’m sure she’ll find them, too.front and back dare to be different backingI love the backing fabric and the positive sayings!  Especially, “dare to be different!”  Perfect for identical twins!Parents, grandma, me and babies plus quiltsIt took four of us to hold the babies and the quilts for the picture!Tummy Time in actionAva’s already trying out her Tummy Time quilt!

The batting is Quilters Dream Puff and the thread is Superior Threads – So Fine! #50.



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Skylar’s Tummy Time Quilt!

Skylar’s Tummy Time Quilt!

Wrapped and ready for Skylar Jean

We’ve added another baby to our ever growing family!  My grand niece, Skylar Jean was born while I was working the AQS in Des Moines, September 29.  She could have been my birthday buddy, my birthday is September 28!  I had the quilt top done before her birth but I didn’t quilt it because we didn’t know the sex of the baby!  I was hoping for a girl (she has two brothers) so I could use some cute floral flannel for the back.Swirly Flowers quilting

Upon returning home from Des Moines, I got Skylar’s Tummy Time quilt finished, complete with her name, birth date and love, Aunt Linda, stitched into the quilt.  I was able to deliver it to her on her one week birthday!Skylar JeanOne week old Skylar

Isn’t she adorable!?  If you look closely, you can see where I stitched out her name.
Skylar Jean's Tummy Time quilt - Rectangle Strings

I love making the Rectangle Strings quilt for Tummy Time quilts!  They become little “I Spy” strips of novelties and color.  Want to make your own?  Here’s a link to MaryQuilts where you can find the pattern.  I choose to make a 6 x 6 setting with no borders so the quilt measures about 36″ x 54″ and I can use width of fabric for the backing!

Thanks!  Linda 🙂

A Quilt for Audrey Ruth!

A Quilt for Audrey Ruth!

wedding squares

One thing I love about making quilts, is that every quilt has it’s own story!  The wedding favors for my son’s wedding in 2011 used 5″ squares of Amy Butler fabric.  I went to a quilting retreat 2 weeks after their wedding and started making a baby quilt for them using the leftover fabric!quilt hanging over fenceAfter adding more Amy Butler fabric for the borders and backing, their baby quilt was born!quilt hanging on treeYes, I made their baby quilt years before baby!  However, last month we hosted a baby shower where I was able to present my beautiful daughter in law the “Baby Wedding Quilt”!

None too soon, because on September 1, we met our newest granddaughter, Audrey Ruth!Baby Audrey on her quiltYes, this is not my usual Tummy Time quilt, she’ll be able to use this for a long time!Audrey close upShe’s pretty perfect and I look forward to making more quilts for her and maybe future siblings!!

Thanks!!  Linda 🙂

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