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Happy Wedding, Stephanie and Christopher!!

Happy Wedding, Stephanie and Christopher!!


Last month we celebrated the marriage of our daughter, Stephanie to Christopher!  It was a magical night and couldn’t have been more perfect for two very special people.  I’m a quilter but Stephanie is a photographer!  Check out her amazing work here!

The quilt I chose for Stephanie and Christopher is a quilt I made a few years ago.  It’s the quilt she asked to inherit but I didn’t want to wait that long to give it to her!  It’s also one of my bucket list quilt and one of my favorites.  It’s a bucket list quit because of the tumbler shape and the uneven binding. And it’s a one of a kind because I’ll never do that again!Tumbler edges

This quilt has a fun story, too.  I fell in love with the Amy Butler fabric and one of her reversible apron patterns, so I bought what I needed to make it.  Really?  I soon realized it would be a very expensive apron, (that probably wouldn’t get finished)!!  That’s when I switched gears and my “Apron Quilt” was designed and made.Apron turned tumbler quilt

Even though I gave away one of my most favorite quilts, it’s still in the family and I’ll be able to visit it!  It’s almost like giving away one of your children!

Have you ever switched gears and made something totally different then you planned?  If you care to comment, leave it on my Facebook page!

I have been busy with customer quilts and hope to post a bunch of pictures at the end of the year!


Linda 🙂

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