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Tammy’s Courthouse Steps with Back and Forth Feathers

Tammy’s Courthouse Steps with Back and Forth Feathers

Tammy's Courthouse Steps I knew exactly what I wanted to quilt on Tammy’s Courthouse Steps quilt, Back and Forth Feathers!  I usually use this design on quilts with an “on point” design, click here for an example.

Even though this quilt is straight set, the courthouse step design creates it’s own on point design.

Back and Forth Feathers

quilting back viewThe back reveals the on point quilting design better than the front!

feather detailA little pinwheel is created where the back and forth feathers come together.  I love secondary patterns and this quilt has many.

feather detail backBack and forth feathers adds great quilting detail and texture, yet, it’s still soft and cuddly!

Thanks!  Linda 🙂

Four Babies and a Wedding!

Four Babies and a Wedding!

great girl colorsBaby #4, Aria Lennon, was born today!!  She’s so sweet and cuddly, we had to make a trip to the hospital to see her.

Aria LennonI had so much fun making Aria’s Tummy Time quilt with 2 fat quarter bundles of fairy princess fabrics!


Most of my baby quilts are super scrappy but this one is coordinated and designed for the fabric.  My quilting buddy, Candace, helped design the layout, color placement and border design.

Aria's Fairy Princess Tummy Time quilt

raw edge appliqueEach block has a fussy cut princess with raw edge applique.  I attached them to the center with a bunch of longarm quilting!

quilting detailEach block has it’s own quilting detail.

wrapped and readyI washed and dried the quilt to fluff up the applique edges and soften the quilt.  Here it is all wrapped and ready with a Lil’ Lovee attached.

Now that the babies are done for the year, the next big event is a wedding!!!  Stay tuned for that reveal!!


Until then, I’m linking up with Such a Sew and Sew:  A Stitch In Time for another August finish!  Check out other August finishes here.

August Finishes    Thanks!  Linda 🙂

Labyrinth by Lois

Labyrinth by Lois

Labyrinth feather quilting


Definitely feathers!  Every element of this Labyrinth quilt by Lois is quilted with a feather variation.   The thread is InvisaFil by WonderFil, which quilted beautifully!  I initially planned to match the thread to the fabric but decided to contrast the black fabric with the same brown thread used in the other areas.  I love it!


Labyrinth by Lois




This color palette is difficult to photograph.  The first photograph represents the fabric color.


Lois’ Labyrinth quilt is probably the most common pattern, however if you search for “labyrinth quilt” on the internet, you’ll find quite a variety of designs!

back view quilting







The back view highlights the quilting, too!  Of course, I love it!

Thanks!  Linda 🙂




Stars for Audrey!

Stars for Audrey!

Stars for Audrey



I love the contrast of white, pink and black fabrics.  It’s always a great combination!  The pattern is called “Stars for Audrey” if you want to add it to your quilts to make list!


The next thing I was excited about was that Lyn let me use bright pink thread for the quilting!

Pink thread!






Pink thread on back too!





The back is white, showcasing the pink thread again!  I love it!

Thanks!  Linda:)




Dish Mats Revisited Again and Again!

Dish Mats Revisited Again and Again!

stack 3 trimmed fat quarters and cut


Fabric Selection!  Yes, choosing fabrics for projects can take time and stall your progress!  In the process of selecting fabrics for demonstrating my dish drying mats, I was stuck.   I needed 2 coordinating fabrics but I had 3 that worked perfectly together.  No problem!  Make the dish mats with three fabrics!

Here’s a mini tutorial for making my dish mats with three fabrics.

1.  Stack 3 trimmed fat quarters and cut as shown.  I cut my borders at 4″ but you can use any measurement you want.

shuffle elements to make 3 dish mats

2.  Shuffle the elements to make 3 dish mats.

3.  Sew, assemble and quilt according to Linda’s Dish Mat Tutorial Revisited.

And you’re done!  Ready to gift, which is what I did with these!

3 dish mats done!


This technique would be great for place mats or even mug rugs! mug rug with dish mat technique


Here’s a mug rug I made using my dish mat revisited technique.

What have you made using this technique?

Thanks!  🙂 Linda



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