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Scrappy Hexagon and 40 Fabric Fusion

Scrappy Hexagon and 40 Fabric Fusion

Linzee's Hexagon quiltHexagons are fun to quilt!  For Linzee’s Hexagon quilt, I emphasized the kaleidoscope effect of the fabric with my version of kaleidoscope quilting.  Warning, this post has lots of pictures!kaleidoscope quiltingdetail kaleidoscope quiltingcircles and curl feather borderCircles and feather curls are a fun detail in the solid fabric border.  Linzee makes wonderful pieced backs and this is no exception.

pieced backLinzee’s second quilt is a exercise in patience!  Forty Fabric Fusion.  Wow!  Lots of piecing and the little 1/2″ frames = patience.

Linzee's 40 Fabric FusionThe quilting is my version of Splat Cat!  Do you remember the little gooey creatures your kids would throw up against the wall?  I have a distinct memory of “splat cat” and when Linzee suggested quilting with no points, this is what I stitched out.

Splat Cat 1  The thread is white and looks great against the red fabric on the back.

Splat Cat 2In true Linzee style the back is precisely pieced.

precise pieced back   We’re almost to the end of the year!

🙂 Linda

Stars for Audrey!

Stars for Audrey!

Stars for Audrey



I love the contrast of white, pink and black fabrics.  It’s always a great combination!  The pattern is called “Stars for Audrey” if you want to add it to your quilts to make list!


The next thing I was excited about was that Lyn let me use bright pink thread for the quilting!

Pink thread!






Pink thread on back too!





The back is white, showcasing the pink thread again!  I love it!

Thanks!  Linda:)