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Barb’s Purple and Green – This is how I do it!

Barb’s Purple and Green – This is how I do it!

Barb's Purple and Green column quiltWhen Barb and I discussed her quilt, I suggested green thread for the E2E Floral Meander quilting design.  I like to match the top and bobbin thread so the green thread would be a nice contrast for the purple backing fabric.  I love it!Floral Meander back detail The batting is Quilters Dream Puff, which enhances the quilting, too.Floral Meander front detailWe’re playing with a new camera attached to my longarm, so here’s a video of how I quilt my Floral Meander!  Enjoy!

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!



Dish Mats Revisited Again and Again!

Dish Mats Revisited Again and Again!

stack 3 trimmed fat quarters and cut


Fabric Selection!  Yes, choosing fabrics for projects can take time and stall your progress!  In the process of selecting fabrics for demonstrating my dish drying mats, I was stuck.   I needed 2 coordinating fabrics but I had 3 that worked perfectly together.  No problem!  Make the dish mats with three fabrics!

Here’s a mini tutorial for making my dish mats with three fabrics.

1.  Stack 3 trimmed fat quarters and cut as shown.  I cut my borders at 4″ but you can use any measurement you want.

shuffle elements to make 3 dish mats

2.  Shuffle the elements to make 3 dish mats.

3.  Sew, assemble and quilt according to Linda’s Dish Mat Tutorial Revisited.

And you’re done!  Ready to gift, which is what I did with these!

3 dish mats done!


This technique would be great for place mats or even mug rugs! mug rug with dish mat technique


Here’s a mug rug I made using my dish mat revisited technique.

What have you made using this technique?

Thanks!  🙂 Linda



LindaLoops – UpCycle T-Shirts!

LindaLoops – UpCycle T-Shirts!

Haley modeling Linda Loops


What happens when it’s storming and your longarm and sewing machine are off?  I find other things to cut up and put back together!

Here’s a tutorial for making soft headbands, bracelets or scarves from light weight t-shirts.  My granddaughter, Haley is modeling the headband and bracelets.

Finished LindaLoops

The knitted shirts naturally curl when cut so any imprinting will be inside the roll.  If the shirt has seams they will be on the outside, how fun is that?!


Don’t throw those old, thin, lightweight t-shirts away!  UpCycle them!  The headbands are so soft to wear, you will wear one everyday!

The tutorial is a pdf download.  Send me your LindaLoops pictures to linda at lrdesignsquilting dot com and I’ll post them.

LindaLoops – UpCycle knit shirt Tutorial

Thanks and have fun!  🙂 Linda

Gift for Mom? Microwaveable Bowls!

Gift for Mom? Microwaveable Bowls!

10 and 8 inch sizes

2 bowls for Faye


Last week, my hubby asked me to make his mom microwaveable bowls for her birthday.  Her birthday is today, so now I can show you!



Colors reversed




The bowls are made with 8 and 10 inch squares of fabric and batting.  Remnants are perfect!  And I always have cotton batting scraps, too.  It’s fun to pick out fabrics that look good inside or out.

Here’s the instruction sheet that my hubby sent with it.  He’s so creative!

Linda’s Microwaveable Bowl Instructions

If you’re not sure how to use them, click on the instructions!

If you’re not sure how to make them, here’s a link to the tutorial on my Pinterest board.  I don’t follow the instructions exactly, I never do!  But, the results are the same.  Cotton fabric and batting is important.

Thanks and Happy Birthday, Mom!

🙂 Linda




Dish Mats by you!

Dish Mats by you!

Joyce 1 Joyce 2


Thank you to Joyce for sharing her dish mat pictures!  So cute!  Check out the fun quilting stitches used around the border!  What a great idea.


Have you made a dish mat?  I’d love to see the fabrics you choose!



Here’s the tutorial post.  Email your pictures to  Linda at LRDesignsQuilting dot com  or post them on my Facebook Page and I’ll share them.




Thanks!  🙂 Linda



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