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Happy Wedding, Chris and Arissa!

Happy Wedding, Chris and Arissa!

Rectangles and SquaresLast month we celebrated with Chris and Arissa at their wedding and this was my present to them.  This quilt, “Rectangles and Squares” is a result of my moratorium on sewing triangles and I’m still not sewing too many triangles!! I love the simplicity of it and it’s a fun way to use a collection of fabrics.  I have a mini-tutorial for making this quilt here!  A scrappy version of this is on my quilts to make list.front and backI love how the swirly quilting compliments the backing fabric and the rectangles on the front.front detailIt looks like a different quilt when you rotate it and the rectangles are vertical.  That could be the next layout!wrapped, ready and baggedI even surprised myself by making a label, (the day of the wedding, haha!) and here’s a look into the gift bag!  As you can see, they’ve already celebrated their one month anniversary!!  Happy Wedding, Chris and Arissa!

Stay tuned for more wedding quilt reveals!

🙂 Linda

LindaLoops – UpCycle T-Shirts!

LindaLoops – UpCycle T-Shirts!

Haley modeling Linda Loops


What happens when it’s storming and your longarm and sewing machine are off?  I find other things to cut up and put back together!

Here’s a tutorial for making soft headbands, bracelets or scarves from light weight t-shirts.  My granddaughter, Haley is modeling the headband and bracelets.

Finished LindaLoops

The knitted shirts naturally curl when cut so any imprinting will be inside the roll.  If the shirt has seams they will be on the outside, how fun is that?!


Don’t throw those old, thin, lightweight t-shirts away!  UpCycle them!  The headbands are so soft to wear, you will wear one everyday!

The tutorial is a pdf download.  Send me your LindaLoops pictures to linda at lrdesignsquilting dot com and I’ll post them.

LindaLoops – UpCycle knit shirt Tutorial

Thanks and have fun!  🙂 Linda

Gift for Mom? Microwaveable Bowls!

Gift for Mom? Microwaveable Bowls!

10 and 8 inch sizes

2 bowls for Faye


Last week, my hubby asked me to make his mom microwaveable bowls for her birthday.  Her birthday is today, so now I can show you!



Colors reversed




The bowls are made with 8 and 10 inch squares of fabric and batting.  Remnants are perfect!  And I always have cotton batting scraps, too.  It’s fun to pick out fabrics that look good inside or out.

Here’s the instruction sheet that my hubby sent with it.  He’s so creative!

Linda’s Microwaveable Bowl Instructions

If you’re not sure how to use them, click on the instructions!

If you’re not sure how to make them, here’s a link to the tutorial on my Pinterest board.  I don’t follow the instructions exactly, I never do!  But, the results are the same.  Cotton fabric and batting is important.

Thanks and Happy Birthday, Mom!

🙂 Linda




Dish Mats Revisited Again!

Dish Mats Revisited Again!

6 mats revisited


Six fat quarters + terry cloth + a few hours = 6 dish mats revisited!  I played with my stash and found 3 pairs of fabrics to put together for 6 new dish mats.  It was fun to find fabrics not purchased together as coordinates for this project!  I love how they turned out and will find some unsuspecting persons to gift them to!

Here’s the link to the tutorial post.  Have you made one yet?

Thanks!  🙂 Linda



Dish Mats Revisited!

Dish Mats Revisited!

looks great in my kitchen


Do you ever get an idea in your head that you can’t get rid of?  That’s happened to me regarding my dish mats.  My daughter recently asked if I had any dish mats available to give away.  No, but I can make some!  Then my brain went to work and here I am with a new tutorial for making dish mats!

Granted, this is not a new technique, nor an original idea.  My quilting buddy, Candace, uses this method when she makes double sided receiving blankets.  As with most things quilty, there are no new ideas, just new to me ideas!

2 coordinating fat quarters trimmed


It always starts with fabric, especially those purchased with no purpose, like these two.




shuffle 2




My thought was, “what if I cut these together, creating borders, leave a seam open and turn the dish mat through that opening.”


carefully turn inside out thru opening in border






2 quilted dish mats



In no time, I had 2 dish mats!

As before, I used purchased terry cloth and fat quarters, both of which were pre-washed.  Here’s my previous post about making dish mats.

I’ve written a new tutorial for this method, I hope you have fun with it.  If you’d like to share your pictures, send me an email to   “linda at lrdesignsquilting dot com” and I’ll post them!

Here’s the pdf link for the new tutorial- Linda’s Dish Mat Tutorial Revisited

I’m linking with Judy at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday and A Stitch in Time April Finish!

April Finishes
Thanks for looking!  I’ve got six fabrics ready to cut into the next set of dish mats, so stay tuned for more finishes!

🙂 Linda

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