Dish Mats Revisited!

Dish Mats Revisited!

looks great in my kitchen


Do you ever get an idea in your head that you can’t get rid of?  That’s happened to me regarding my dish mats.  My daughter recently asked if I had any dish mats available to give away.  No, but I can make some!  Then my brain went to work and here I am with a new tutorial for making dish mats!

Granted, this is not a new technique, nor an original idea.  My quilting buddy, Candace, uses this method when she makes double sided receiving blankets.  As with most things quilty, there are no new ideas, just new to me ideas!

2 coordinating fat quarters trimmed


It always starts with fabric, especially those purchased with no purpose, like these two.




shuffle 2




My thought was, “what if I cut these together, creating borders, leave a seam open and turn the dish mat through that opening.”


carefully turn inside out thru opening in border






2 quilted dish mats



In no time, I had 2 dish mats!

As before, I used purchased terry cloth and fat quarters, both of which were pre-washed.  Here’s my previous post about making dish mats.

I’ve written a new tutorial for this method, I hope you have fun with it.  If you’d like to share your pictures, send me an email to   “linda at lrdesignsquilting dot com” and I’ll post them!

Here’s the pdf link for the new tutorial- Linda’s Dish Mat Tutorial Revisited

I’m linking with Judy at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday and A Stitch in Time April Finish!

April Finishes
Thanks for looking!  I’ve got six fabrics ready to cut into the next set of dish mats, so stay tuned for more finishes!

🙂 Linda

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6 Responses

  1. They’re very cute but I am left wondering – what do you do when they get wet? One lot of dishes and they would be wet wouldn’t they? So then is it into the wash? Do you have lots of these so you can have a fresh one every dish washing session? Sorry about so many questions but I have never seen these before.


  2. Great questions! Most of my dishes go in the dishwasher, so mine gets wet but not soaking when I wash dishes! I wash mine with towels and the quilting helps it keep it’s shape. I gave most of mine away but now I have an extra one! They look prettier than laying a towel on your counter. I leave mine out because I use my vintage coffee pot everyday and it needs a place to dry when I rinse it! I hope you try them, they make a great gift!

  3. Linda,

    What pretty fabrics! I love this idea! Next time I’m invited to a bridal shower & dish mats it is, I think. Great finish! Thank you for linking up!

    xo -E

  4. Do you ever use any batting to make it a little bit cushier? I may try this upon useing my new sewing machine for the first time. My Hubby will be shocked if I actually get it out of the box, LOL. I now have time to sew once again in my life. I will be a bit rusty so this will be a great way for me to work my way into more difficult projects.

  5. I haven’t but give it a try and let me know how it works. And yes, get that sewing machine out of the box!! Send me a pic of the finished product or post it on my facebook page.