T-Shirt Memory Quilts

T-Shirt Memory Quilts

12 shirts with sashing and cornerstones

T-Shirt quilts are wonderful keepsakes and fun to make.  While making commissioned quilts is not a main part of my business, I’ve had the opportunity to make two memory quilts recently.  I’m honored that they have trusted me with their late husband’s shirts, having faith in the end result.

Based on the shirts and initial interview, I approached each quilt differently.  For Sandy’s 12 shirt quilt, I used a colorful sports sashing with black cornerstones and black binding.

20 t-shirts narrow frames and borderFor Bunny’s 20 shirt quilt, I used  narrow sashing and  a wide border.  The blank shirts are favorite polo shirts and a work shirt.  I love that Bunny thought outside the box to capture a memory.

The shirts are backed with Pellon Easy Knit fusible, crossing the stretch of the shirt with the stretch of the fusible.  Both quilts are finished with a basic simple meander, Quilter’s Dream poly select battingSuperior Threads So Fine 50 thread and stitching prayers of comfort and care.

Do you have a favorite setting for t-shirt quilts?  Here’s a link to the first t-shirt quilt I made for my nephew’s high school graduation.  Check out the sashing for special messages written in thread!  For other t-shirt quilt posts, scroll down and click on t-shirts in the tag cloud.

Thanks!  🙂 Linda


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  1. Great looking t-shirt quilts! One of my patients/a friend recently died and I have been contemplating seeing if the daughters would like me to make them each a t-shirt quilt from their dad’s shirts. I’ve never done one though so it’s a little nerve-wracking.