Happy Wedding, Chris and Arissa!

Happy Wedding, Chris and Arissa!

Rectangles and SquaresLast month we celebrated with Chris and Arissa at their wedding and this was my present to them.  This quilt, “Rectangles and Squares” is a result of my moratorium on sewing triangles and I’m still not sewing too many triangles!! I love the simplicity of it and it’s a fun way to use a collection of fabrics.  I have a mini-tutorial for making this quilt here!  A scrappy version of this is on my quilts to make list.front and backI love how the swirly quilting compliments the backing fabric and the rectangles on the front.front detailIt looks like a different quilt when you rotate it and the rectangles are vertical.  That could be the next layout!wrapped, ready and baggedI even surprised myself by making a label, (the day of the wedding, haha!) and here’s a look into the gift bag!  As you can see, they’ve already celebrated their one month anniversary!!  Happy Wedding, Chris and Arissa!

Stay tuned for more wedding quilt reveals!

🙂 Linda

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