LindaLoops – UpCycle T-Shirts!

LindaLoops – UpCycle T-Shirts!

Haley modeling Linda Loops


What happens when it’s storming and your longarm and sewing machine are off?  I find other things to cut up and put back together!

Here’s a tutorial for making soft headbands, bracelets or scarves from light weight t-shirts.  My granddaughter, Haley is modeling the headband and bracelets.

Finished LindaLoops

The knitted shirts naturally curl when cut so any imprinting will be inside the roll.  If the shirt has seams they will be on the outside, how fun is that?!


Don’t throw those old, thin, lightweight t-shirts away!  UpCycle them!  The headbands are so soft to wear, you will wear one everyday!

The tutorial is a pdf download.  Send me your LindaLoops pictures to linda at lrdesignsquilting dot com and I’ll post them.

LindaLoops – UpCycle knit shirt Tutorial

Thanks and have fun!  🙂 Linda

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