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Labyrinth by Lois

Labyrinth by Lois

Labyrinth feather quilting


Definitely feathers!  Every element of this Labyrinth quilt by Lois is quilted with a feather variation.   The thread is InvisaFil by WonderFil, which quilted beautifully!  I initially planned to match the thread to the fabric but decided to contrast the black fabric with the same brown thread used in the other areas.  I love it!


Labyrinth by Lois




This color palette is difficult to photograph.  The first photograph represents the fabric color.


Lois’ Labyrinth quilt is probably the most common pattern, however if you search for “labyrinth quilt” on the internet, you’ll find quite a variety of designs!

back view quilting







The back view highlights the quilting, too!  Of course, I love it!

Thanks!  Linda 🙂




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