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A Wedding – Anniversary Quilt

A Wedding – Anniversary Quilt

Wedding DayWhen Sheila’s daughter got married a year ago, quilt blocks were the guest book!  And for their first anniversary they received their quilt!Wedding - AnniversaryIsn’t this a great idea?  Many of the blocks have special messages, including their vows.Wedding Vows

The backing is a smooth Minkee and that was a learning experience!  The quilt is large, therefore the Minkee was pieced, which thankfully, was not an issue.  The issue was batting, Sheila initially didn’t want batting because of weight.  I started the quilt without batting but the first few stitches looked horrible!  They were very puckered and awful.  I suggested Quilter’s Dream Poly select because it is light weight and is very user care friendly.Minkee backing


I’m happy to report, success!  Everything quilted beautifully and the batting added very little additional weight.  The quilting design is a freehand Swirl and Curl and the thread is InvisaFil.

Have you ever started quilting a project and after a few stitches abandon your plans and start over?  Sometimes, you just have to do it!

Thanks!!  🙂 Linda

Hunter Star One, Two, Three

Hunter Star One, Two, Three

Corner feathers detailHunter Star One is a large quilt by Janann using her favorite blocks and wool batting.  The big borders gave me lots of room for freehand stylized feathers with traveling circles.

Janann's Hunter Star OneIsn’t this a great layout?!  The first picture shows the color better, if spring returns I’ll be able to take pictures outside!  I decided to use a simple freehand medallion design with an outline of the 8 point star.

Star detail wool battingWool batting lets the design pop out.  For a large quilt, it’s very light in weight, too.

Hunter Star TwoHunter Star Two is the reject blocks that didn’t make it into One!  Janann set the blocks in a secondary square pattern unlike an alternating light dark in One.  Scroll back up and look at the difference.

Two block detailThe medallion quilting is similar but looks totally different because of the setting of the blocks.  The batting is Quilter’s Dream Poly select which quilts very flat like cotton.  Which setting do you prefer?  I like Two!

Two corner detailHere’s the detail of Two’s borders.

Three pillow topsAnd here is Hunter Star Three!  Quilted pillow tops!  Janann has lots of finishing to do here!


Thanks!  🙂 Linda



Christmas Wall Hanging

Christmas Wall Hanging

Mary's Christmas Wall HangingHere’s a pretty Christmas wall hanging by Mary, just in time!  Hopefully, she’ll be able to finish the binding and hang it before Christmas Eve. Border detailIt was fun to stitch out overlapping feathers in the borders! wall hanging backIt’s hard to tell from the front but I used four different thread colors. Do you have your Christmas sewing done?!  I have a couple little projects I’d like to do, there’s still time, right? :)Linda

Labyrinth by Lois

Labyrinth by Lois

Labyrinth feather quilting


Definitely feathers!  Every element of this Labyrinth quilt by Lois is quilted with a feather variation.   The thread is InvisaFil by WonderFil, which quilted beautifully!  I initially planned to match the thread to the fabric but decided to contrast the black fabric with the same brown thread used in the other areas.  I love it!


Labyrinth by Lois




This color palette is difficult to photograph.  The first photograph represents the fabric color.


Lois’ Labyrinth quilt is probably the most common pattern, however if you search for “labyrinth quilt” on the internet, you’ll find quite a variety of designs!

back view quilting







The back view highlights the quilting, too!  Of course, I love it!

Thanks!  Linda 🙂




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