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Big Hugs Quilt

Big Hugs Quilt

What do you do when your sister calls you asking for a quilt for her best friend?!  You go to your stash of almost finished quilts and finish it!  I originally called this “The Big O Quilt” but when my sister explained that her friend did a huge favor for her, I changed the name to “Big Hugs Quilt”!  I didn’t have a quilt pattern, it’s half square triangles and squares arranged to make a big “O”.  It’s a great use for a fat quarter bundle that you don’t know what to do with!

The quilting is a freehand edge to edge, “Swirled Feathers”, it’s a fun design to stitch out!I even found a fun label with a perfect sentiment to complete the quilt!

While it seems I’m only quilting for myself, I have been very busy quilting for others!  Here’s an antique/vintage Dresden Plate quilt quilted with freehand feather meander.Some of the plate wedges were very worn and faded but most were in good shape,  It’s fun to stitch old quilts and observe the fabric designs and fabric type!

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Island Chain, Quilt One, Quilt Two

Island Chain, Quilt One, Quilt Two

MM Island Chain restyled

I recently quilted two Island Chain quilts based on the pattern in Kim Brackett’s book, Scrap Basket Sensations.  Both quilters changed the pattern by adding additional rows of links and borders.  And by the way, both of the quilters are named Mary!

For Mary M.’s quilt we decided on an edge to edge design, free hand feather meander, using a neutral thread.  In this case, a light blue is neutral!

freehand feather meanderfreehand feather meander back detailFor Mary T.’s quilt, we decided on custom quilting with two thread colors, light in the light and dark in the dark.  Mary’s plan to use this as a raffle quilt for her church made me a little nervous!

Mary T Island Chain Raffle quiltThe quilt is queen sized and too large for my hanging space!  My goal was to compliment the graphic nature of the links by using a dark matching thread and using a different pattern in each link.

Border detail Island Chain backWhile the quilting doesn’t show up much on the front, it really shows on the back!  I used a thread two shades lighter for the bobbin in the dark areas.  The quilt back has a two tone effect.  I love it!  I didn’t realize Mary T. was entering this quilt in her local county fair until she called me to with the Best of Show result!!  How cool is that?

Quilting detailThe borders are quilted with freehand feather medley,  no stress or rules, just fill the space!

This month has been crazy and I’m way behind on posting but here’s a link to some pictures of Rosemary’s Peacock Takes a Trip quilt.

Thanks!!  Linda 🙂

Rangeley Stars by Ann

Rangeley Stars by Ann

Rangeley Stars quiltThis is a big one!  I met Ann last January at Rainbows and Calico Things retreat.  She was taking the class to make this awesome quilt called Rangeley Stars.  Yes, January 2013 and she finished in April!!  I’ve made progress on my retreat projects but not finished!  Kudos to Ann for finishing.

We decided to finish with an freehand overall edge to edge quilting called Meandering Feathers using a dark neutral thread.Rangeley Stars by Ann

Meandering Feathers from back

The fabric colors are much truer with natural sunlight!

Meandering Feathers detail backThe backing fabric is natural muslin, which looks great with this quilting design.  The thread is darker so the quilting stands out.

Thanks!  🙂 Linda

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