Another T-Shirt Quilt – Done!

Another T-Shirt Quilt – Done!

Steph's 20 Shirt quilt

This has been the year for T-Shirt quilts!  Here’s the fourth t-shirt quilt that I’ve been commissioned to make.  This 20 shirt quilt is for Steph, a recent high school graduate.  Her mom brought me the shirts, Steph’s diagram for the layout and a general idea for fabric.  Working at a quality quilt shop helps with fabric buying!

One of the things I love about making t-shirt quilts is using shirts with a some wear and tear, a stain or a little hole.  Another thing is the product I use for the interfacing, Pellon Easy-Knit Fusible.  A wrinkled and rumpled t-shirt will become smooth and pliable.  The interfacing is a must when it come to quilting.

Medium Swirl and Curl

Back viewI often use a basic meander for t-shirt quilts but this one wanted a medium Swirl and Curl.

And I love quilting Swirl and Curl!

Here’s the 3rd quilt that I quilted after I got my longarm in 2004!  Barbara of Rainbows and Calico Things quilt shop made it, using my son’s t-shirts left behind when he went off to college.  The stars points are folded, which is  fun dimensional accent but not fun to quilt with a longarm because the hopping foot gets caught!Drew's Left Behind Ts

The quilt was on display in the shop before I gave it to him for Christmas in 2005.

Are you making a t-shirt quilt?  You can find more pictures of t-shirt quilts by scrolling down to the tag cloud and clicking on t-shirts.

Thanks!  Linda 🙂

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