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Scrappy Tumbler quilt

Scrappy Tumbler quilt

Scrappy Tumbler quiltOne block quilts are awesome!  Does this remind you of my PSQ with lights and darks alternating?  I love how some of the darks are medium to light, it adds interesting movement across the quilt.

Have you made a tumbler quilt?  Two edges of the quilt are uneven because of the tumbler shape.  Teresa’s blocks are 3″ finished.  I’m not sure if she’s planning to cut off the edges for a straight binding.

uneven edgesWhen I made my tumbler quilt, I followed the tumbler shape with the binding.  If this was my quilt, I would trim it straight!  My blocks finished 6″ and my quilt is smaller, so I had fewer angles.

Tumbler edgesThanks for visiting! 🙂 Linda andvalentine24



T-Shirt Quilts

T-Shirt Quilts

Dave and quilt


Dave's T-Shirt quiltLast year, I was honored to make a surprise Christmas present for a very special person.  The t-shirts had two themes – clowning or The Hamburg Inn.  Some of the shirts were one of a kind and rare!

A t-shirt quilt is a great way to “keep” those special shirts that you can’t throw away but no longer want to wear them.

I love the shirts that are very worn or have stains on them!  Adds character!

The Burg and Clowns

Last summer, I quilted Julie’s quilt for her college bound daughter, Maggie.  She choose a BQ3 pattern to set the t-shirts, which gives it a totally different look.  The cow tail and small patches applied are a couple fun details, too!

Maggie's T-Shirt quilt - BQ3 patternCow tail

Small patches applied

Do you have a favorite T-Shirt quilt making method?

If you find yourself in Iowa City, IA, be sure to dine at The Hamburg Inn, it’s an experience you won’t regret or forget.  Some people walk miles to enjoy their cuisine!

Still time to enter my book giveaway, here’s the link.  🙂 Linda

Vintage Quilt part 2

Vintage Quilt part 2


Here’s the full reveal of the vintage quilt from this post. Most of the nine patch blocks were hand pieced by Sandy’s friend who is 93.  She started the blocks years ago (during her 40’s!) and Sandy is helping her finish it.  Does it remind you of today’s improv and modern quilts?





Here’s the coordinating bed runner.  The little pinwheel blocks are not pieced but fussy cut from the fabric.  They fooled me the first time I looked at them.  What’s really great about finishing this quilt is that she plans to use it!  She’ll finally get to sleep under it.  Once again, I was honored to be part of getting this project done.

Do you have an vintage unfinished quilt in your closet?  What’s the story behind it?

Thanks for looking!  🙂 Linda



Patti’s Vintage Quilt

Patti’s Vintage Quilt

The vintage quilt is quilted!  Patti’s grandmother and great-aunt made this quilt many years ago and I was very excited to quilt it for Patti.  The 42 blocks are hand pieced and my untrained eye would date the fabric from feed sack era to 70’s.  We decided to quilt a very small meander throughout the quilt.  This allowed me to stitch thru some areas where the seams had loosened and stabilize everything.  I’m hoping Patti will show me the quilt finished, after it’s been washed and dried.




At first glance, I thought all the blocks were the same and then rotated to look different.  But Michele of Quilting Gallery pointed out that there are two different blocks.  Her Jinny Beyer’s book identified them as Whirligig and Patch Me If You Can.  And another blog commenter listed many different names on a previous post.  Pretty interesting!

Patti brought her baby quilt to show me!  Her grandmother made it for her 70 years ago.  The hand quilting was fabulous and the edge was prairie points.  It was a lavender and cream quilt and she used lavender thread for the quilting!  I wish I would have taken a picture, it was awesome!

Thanks for looking!  🙂 Linda

Just Meandering Around

Just Meandering Around

Lately, several of my customers have wanted basic E2E meandering for their quilt tops and I’m okay with that!  For me, it’s an easy design that keeps me on schedule and for my customers it’s an economical way to get their quilt finished.  We select the meandering density, thread color and  batting that will compliment their quilt.

I use a stitched sample of basic meandering sizes to help them decide on the density.  The really tiny stitching is usually called stippling and used for background fill, not E2E.

When I’m meandering around, I’m paying attention to my stitch density and the great stitch quality of the APQS Millennium!  Sometimes, my mind wanders and I’m thinking of quilts I want to make or what I’m making for dinner but I try to pay attention!

Here are the photos of  recent  meandering customer quilts!

Thanks for looking and just keep stitchin’ !


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