Just Meandering Around

Just Meandering Around

Lately, several of my customers have wanted basic E2E meandering for their quilt tops and I’m okay with that!  For me, it’s an easy design that keeps me on schedule and for my customers it’s an economical way to get their quilt finished.  We select the meandering density, thread color and  batting that will compliment their quilt.

I use a stitched sample of basic meandering sizes to help them decide on the density.  The really tiny stitching is usually called stippling and used for background fill, not E2E.

When I’m meandering around, I’m paying attention to my stitch density and the great stitch quality of the APQS Millennium!  Sometimes, my mind wanders and I’m thinking of quilts I want to make or what I’m making for dinner but I try to pay attention!

Here are the photos of  recent  meandering customer quilts!

Thanks for looking and just keep stitchin’ !


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