Splash Pantograph

Splash Pantograph


Marty gave me free reign to select a pantograph for her guitar quilt.  I chose the pantograph called Splash.  I love it for musical quilts, it just has that feel.  When I pick a pantograph or designs for quilting, I pick something that creates a mood or expression instead of replicating the motif of the quilt.  For example, I’m not going to stitch guitars on this quilt.  For one, it’s very hard to see what the motif is after it’s quilted and I don’t want the viewer looking at the thread trying to figure out what’s stitched out.  I want them to look at the whole quilt and say, “Wow, I love how that feels!”



The batting is Quilter’s Dream Puff which really shows off the quilting, and the thread is a new spool of red Superior OMNI!





The backing fabric is black, which is hard to photograph, but I wanted to show you the contrasting red thread used in the bobbin.  It really works for this quilt.  Marty loved the subtle heart detail created by the pantograph.


Thanks for looking and just keep stitchin’ !


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