Scrappy Tumbler quilt

Scrappy Tumbler quilt

Scrappy Tumbler quiltOne block quilts are awesome!  Does this remind you of my PSQ with lights and darks alternating?  I love how some of the darks are medium to light, it adds interesting movement across the quilt.

Have you made a tumbler quilt?  Two edges of the quilt are uneven because of the tumbler shape.  Teresa’s blocks are 3″ finished.  I’m not sure if she’s planning to cut off the edges for a straight binding.

uneven edgesWhen I made my tumbler quilt, I followed the tumbler shape with the binding.  If this was my quilt, I would trim it straight!  My blocks finished 6″ and my quilt is smaller, so I had fewer angles.

Tumbler edgesThanks for visiting! 🙂 Linda andvalentine24



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