PSQ Update – Design Wall Monday

PSQ Update – Design Wall Monday

3584 charms


I’ve been sneaking time away from LAQ to randomly sew PSQ blocks together.  The 8 rows are assembled and ready for the last step.  I’m so excited to get this finished and on the longarm for quilting.  I love, love the look of 3584 charms with no border.

I still have lots of charms and if Mary at The Curious Quilter does another swap, I’ll be signing up for that!

Are you on Pinterest?  I’m pinning PSQ ideas on my Quilts to Make board.

Have you made a Postage Stamp Quilt (PSQ)?  Leave a comment sharing your favorite PSQ, I need more ideas!

Check out Judy at Patchwork Times for other Design Wall Monday projects.

Thanks!  🙂 Linda

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7 Responses

  1. Too fun to go to your pintrest board — looks like my manila file folder but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. Just finsihed chapter 12 of Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker (President Lincoln had just been assassinated by JWB) this morning!
    I’m sure am appreciative of winning this book from you. Such a great read.

  2. I quilted one of these once. What a work of pure perseverance. I made one 10 inch block and found it to be really hard. All of those little pieces. All of those need to be perfect quarter inch seams. You are to be congratulated for your beautiful quilt…and your stick to it. and my final comment…3584…WOW!

  3. I’ve made several postage stamp quilts, and now that I’ve written that, I realize that it’s about time I started a new one. You can see photos of them on my blog, WithStringsAttached . blogspot . com

  4. My aunt made me a postage stamp trip around the world for when I got married in 1976. It was queen sized. She was an “old school” quilter. She cut each square with a homemade template and scissors. She sewed all the blocks together by hand, quilted it by hand and then gave it to me. I love, love, love that quilt. Unfortunately I didn’t know how to take care of a quilt of its calibre, so it lasted about 20 years. It is ragged strips now. But I just can’t let it go. I have it on my guest bed with all the other quilts she made. I pull it out every once in a while just to pet it.