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Design Wall Monday (on Tuesday!)

Design Wall Monday (on Tuesday!)

30 vintage blocks


Last night, my quilting buddy and I deconstructed one of my vintage UFO flea market finds.

flea market ufo





I decided to trim each block to 10″.

Once we started laying them out on the design wall, the light and dark pattern became obvious.  With some rearranging, here’s the final offset layout.  I love the solid fabric framing the shirting fabric.  We’re guessing the fabric is from the 70’s, looks pretty “modern”, right?!

We’ll be going to a quilting retreat soon, hopefully, I can sew these blocks together!

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I’ve deconstructed two old quilts, are we seeing a pattern here?

Thanks!  Linda 🙂


Design Wall Monday – a dilemma

Design Wall Monday – a dilemma

vintage flea market blocks


I have a dilemma.   I love this partially sewn quilt.  This is the second appearance for this vintage UFO on Design Wall Monday!   My dilemma is how to construct these pieces and parts into a quilt.  I am tempted to re-cut each block into a uniform shape and then sew it together.  Some of the seams have slight tears and this would solve that issue.  I like the randomness of the blocks, but I don’t want to find holes when I go to quilt it.

Any suggestions?  How much work would you put into “vintage” blocks from a flea market?

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Thanks for looking and would love your comments about my dilemma!  🙂 Linda

Design Wall Monday – All Vintage

Design Wall Monday – All Vintage

My Great Granny Square blocks are done!  So they are off to the side waiting to be sewn into a flimsy.

Here’s one of my flea market finds.  While it’s not a traditional vintage quilt, it’s a great example of a frugal quilter using everything in her arsenal to make a quilt.

In fact, it’s not too far off one of the quilts I photographed at the AQS quilt show in Des Moines last week.

The quilter used orphan blocks and scraps to design this quilt.  I love both of them!

Here’s the rest of my vintage fabric pile!

And my favorite purchase is an orange Federal mug!!  If it’s orange I love it!






And apparently, I loved it when I was 12!  Guess who’s got the orange purse and shoes!



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🙂 Linda

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