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Design Wall Monday – Mile A Minute Crumb blocks

Design Wall Monday – Mile A Minute Crumb blocks

black background


Another scrap quilt started!!  Denise gave me a great tutorial on making Mile a Minute crumb blocks at our fabulous retreat during the AQS Des Moines quilt show last weekend!   I’m auditioning possible fabric for the sashing strips.

red backgroundThimbleberries small tan print









What do you think?

Here’s an example of a crumb quilt with diagonal setting and a fun crumb strip detail giving it an argyle look.  This was a favorite from the Des Moines quilt guild’s show.

crumb blocks argyle











I have enough crumbs to make multiple quilts, so I’ll make the straight set first and then argyle set.

Did you make it to the AQS show in Des Moines?

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Thanks!  Linda 🙂


Design Wall Monday – What a Pile of Scraps!

Design Wall Monday – What a Pile of Scraps!

scraps from haley


Okay, it’s a design pile of future quilts!

I love that my 10 year old granddaughter, Haley, knows me so well that she’d give me a big bag of scraps she got at a garage sale.  And I love that when Haley  told the seller she was buying them for her grandma, she gave them to her for free!  What a great birthday present!


After all the company was gone, I enjoyed my quiet time sorting and ironing the scraps!  Here’s my sorting process.  sorted scraps

1.  Pieced remnants for Mile a Minute project

2.  1 1/2″ strips for Trash to Treasure Pineapple quilt

3.  Small strips and pieces to be cut into 2″ and 2 1/2″ charm squares for PSQ quilts and swaps

4.  Large pieces sorted by light, mediums and blacks

5.  Bright strips for string pieced Tummy Time quits

6.  Batik strips and pieces

Because I’m a scrap quilter, these fabrics will be used!   Most of the fabric is quilt shop quality fabric, too!  Haley did a great job!

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This week is a Houston warm up!  It starts with a small group quilting retreat in Des Moines and the AQS quilt show.  Stay tuned for updates!

Thanks!  Linda 🙂

Design Wall Monday – Jane’s Convergent Quilt

Design Wall Monday – Jane’s Convergent Quilt




Houston, we have a problem!

A couple of weeks ago, my quilting friend, Jane, showed me how she made her Convergent quilt.  I got a good start and then had to put it way, not good.



Okay, Houston, let’s fix it!  I spent a couple hours trying to put the pieces back in order for sewing!


Here is Jane’s quilt.  Now that I know what I’m doing (sorta), I’ll pick brighter colors for the next one!

Jane's Convergent quilt











Houston, no problem here!!  I’m going to the  International Quilt Festival Houston next month!!!  Another check mark on my bucket list!!  Are you going to Houston, we’ll see you there!!


Can you tell I’m excited?  🙂 🙂  Linda 🙂


Got so excited I forgot to link to Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday!

Design Wall Monday – A New Plan

Design Wall Monday – A New Plan

Nine Patch and Solids - On Point version


A big thank you to Rainbows and Calico Things quilt shop for a fun summer retreat reunion weekend!  One of the benefits of spending time with fellow quilters is brainstorming and exchanging ideas.

That resulted in my plan to change this nine patch and solid  WIP to an on point layout.  I’m going back to the drawing board, pulling more fabrics to make additional nine patches and looking for a possible border fabric.

I like it!

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Thanks!  🙂 Linda

Design Wall Monday – Haley’s Stash

Design Wall Monday – Haley’s Stash

second design


Our granddaughter, Haley, is staying with us and yesterday we cut her stash into 5 inch squares!   At first, she wanted to arrange her squares to spell 1 D, for the band One Direction. (If you have a 10 year old girl in your family, you’ll know who they are!!)  I steered her away from that and this is the design she made.  Next time we’ll tackle sewing the squares together.  Wish me luck!!!






My other design wall is sorting charms for the next Postage Stamp Quilt swap!

sorting charms again!


This is how I sort 100 different charms for swapping.  I throw in a couple extra for safe measure.  Are you signed up for the swap?  Mary at Curious Quilter has extended the sign up period through today!  These 2″ charms could be yours!  Here’s the sign up link.


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Thanks for looking!  Linda 🙂

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