Design Wall Monday – Jane’s Convergent Quilt

Design Wall Monday – Jane’s Convergent Quilt




Houston, we have a problem!

A couple of weeks ago, my quilting friend, Jane, showed me how she made her Convergent quilt.  I got a good start and then had to put it way, not good.



Okay, Houston, let’s fix it!  I spent a couple hours trying to put the pieces back in order for sewing!


Here is Jane’s quilt.  Now that I know what I’m doing (sorta), I’ll pick brighter colors for the next one!

Jane's Convergent quilt











Houston, no problem here!!  I’m going to the  International Quilt Festival Houston next month!!!  Another check mark on my bucket list!!  Are you going to Houston, we’ll see you there!!


Can you tell I’m excited?  🙂 🙂  Linda 🙂


Got so excited I forgot to link to Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday!

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