Vintage Coffee Pot – revived

Vintage Coffee Pot – revived

original coffee basket

Quite a few years ago, I acquired this coffee pot at an estate sale.  Coffee is brewed by pouring boiling water over the grounds.  This is my favorite method for making perfect coffee and I usually use a Melitta Cone Filter Coffee Maker.  However, when you bang the glass pot against the sink, it breaks!

So, out comes my vintage coffee pot, which  holds the cone filter perfectly.using melita 6 cup  filter  The pot looks great on my counter and I’ve got my excellent coffee every morning.  The original brewer works fine but I prefer using the filter for less sediment.

I love it when I can use vintage!



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What’s your favorite vintage?  🙂  Linda

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4 Responses

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like that. What a neat find! So glad you could use it too.

  2. I love this gorgeous coffee pot, just great! I also love it that it works perfect, I’ve never seen one like it before! Thanks for sharing and for your sweet visit. Have a happy and blessed Easter to you all.