Latest Vintage Finds

Latest Vintage Finds

Vintage Aprons


Last Saturday, was the largest flea market in Iowa and of course, I was there with my best quilting buddy looking for vintage fabrics, quilt tops and random stuff!

I didn’t find any unfinished quilts on this trip but I scored 2 vintage aprons.  When I bought them, I was thinking I’d cut them up for the fabric, but they are so pristine and well made that they might stay aprons for awhile!



Vintage Flea Market finds


I also scored a random hunk of purple and white feedsack material and a yellow-orange Fire King soup bowl.  I love the color and how it matches the apron.  The yellow-orange apron has a cute scalloped edge, too.  What do you think, would you cut up the aprons for the fabric?



Sangria Pitcher





This was the best find!  My sister requested a cheap Sangria pitcher and look what I found for $1!!!!  It’s a perfect size, has a lip to keep the fruit from spilling and is in perfect condition!  I looked the rest of the day for another but didn’t find one this nice for this price!

I’m linking with Suzanne at Vintage Thingie Thursday!  Check out other vintage finds here.

Thanks!  Linda 🙂


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