A few finds in Omaha…

A few finds in Omaha…

Fire King bowl and scrap fabric

Old Market is a fun area for vintage shopping in downtown Omaha.  Our daughter is a great searching partner, we both look for different things so we don’t miss anything fun!  She treated me to this pristine Fire King bowl, sweet!


We found a few quilt shops to check out around Omaha, too.  I bought a couple scrap bags and my granddaughter selected a mystery bag of $1 fat quarters.   The funny thing is the scrap bags I picked out were mostly green and the mystery fat quarters were green!!  And I might have embarrassed my daughter when I noticed some fabric in the trash and asked if they were going to throw it away!?  Well, yes and she gave it to me!  That’s the fabric in the bowl.  Fabric in the trash is not safe around me!

The countdown to Festival begins!  Are you going?  Have you been?

Thanks.  Linda 🙂


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One Response

  1. Fabric in the trash would not be safe around me either. I have to force myself to throw away tiny offcuts. Love the green. Seems to be a good colour at the moment.