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How to Interpret the Color Wheel

How to Interpret the Color Wheel

Here’s an article about the color wheel I originally received from Modern Quilts Unlimited E-News.  I’m glad I saved it because the information isn’t on their website anymore.   Click the title to download a pdf for future reference.  HOW TO INTERPRET THE COLOR WHEEL

Color has three qualities – hue, value, and intensity.  Hue is the color name (Red, Green, Yellow).  Tint is a hue plus white. Shade is a hue plus black.  Tone is a hue plus gray.  Value is the lightness or darkness of a hue.  Intensity is how deep, or bright, a color is.  Red, Yellow, Orange and combinations are ‘warm’ colors.  Green, Blue, Violet and combinations are ‘cool’ colors.  Red, Yellow and Blue are Primary Colors – and are the basis for all other colors all other colors.  Secondary Colors are direct mixes of Primary Colors. · Green — made from equal parts of blue and yellow.  · Orange — made from equal parts of yellow and red.  · Violet — made from equal parts of blue and red.  Tertiary Colors are a mix of Primary and a Secondary Colors.  Analogous Colors are side-by-side on the Color Wheel.  Complimentary Colors are opposite each other on the Color Wheel.  Split-Complimentary Color Themes utilizes three side-by-side colors with an addition of a color on the opposite side of the wheel.

This quilt uses the color wheel!

Color Wheel quilt

Happy Quilting!  Linda 🙂


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