Minkee on Minkee

Minkee on Minkee


Tammy’s quilt combines Minkee fabric pieced into the top with a solid Minkee backing.  It’s a great guy quilt!  The batting is Quilter’s Dream Midnight Black, even though I didn’t think light batting would show through the needle holes, this guarantees that.  We decided to quilt it with a design that mimics the animal print.  Having the plush fabric in the quilt top and backing was interesting.  As I stitched through it, I could not see where I had stitched!   Some intersections were too thick and it created some drag but thankfully, it all turned out great!








And of course, you have to look at the back!  That is one cool thing about Minkee fabric, it the back looks awesome!


What do yo think about using plush fabric for the backing or in the quilt top?  Any interesting challenges or experiences?

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