How to prepare a back for longarm machine quilting

How to prepare a back for longarm machine quilting

1.  Backing must be 3-4 inches larger than the top on all sides.  For example, if your quilt top measures 50″ x 50″ the backing needs to be 58″ x 58″.

2.  Press seam open and trim selvages from the seam.  Selvages can be left on the outside edges.

3.  Backing must be “squared up” (see “Why it needs to be square” post) and lie flat.

4.  Wash (if your top is prewashed) and iron fabric.    Sharp creases can become puckers when stitched.

5.  Do not use sheets for backing fabric.

6.  When selecting fabric consider the color and pattern in reference to the quilting to be done.  A busy patterned back will hide the thread where a plain solid back will show the thread.  The top and bobbin thread are usually matched for the best looking stitch so think about that when selecting the fabric color.

7.  Many wide backs are available which eliminate seaming and squaring.  Usually tearing the fabric results in a straight edge.

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