A New Book Giveaway!

A New Book Giveaway!


The publishers of Jennifer Chiaverini new novel, Sonoma Rose, asked if I would review her yet to be released novel and host a giveaway!  Of course I said yes!  Not only do I love to read, I love hosting giveaways on my blog!

Here’s a blurb from the publishers:

Jennifer has always been praised for her ability to write historical and present-day fiction with equal skill. While her last novel was set in modern times, Sonoma Rose tells the story of a young mother’s heroic journey in Prohibition-era America.

Rosa Diaz Barclay is touched by the criminality surrounding Prohibition when she discovers that her husband, John, has given over the duties of their Southern California rye farm in favor of bootlegging. Fearing the safety of her four children, Rosa flees, carrying only a case of John’s ill-begotten cash and her mother’s two quilts. Lars Jorgensen, her true love and the father of two of her children, aids in her escape, and together the six travel north to San Francisco. Under assumed names, they are hired to work at a Sonoma vineyard, where Rosa creates a personal and professional identity that she would never have dared imagine at the opening of her tale, and one that brings great honor-and beauty-to all who surround her.

How can you win?!    1.  Leave a comment about  “what you love about quilting, (or your craft)”  on this blog post for one chance to win.

                                        2.  Leave a comment on my Facebook page for a second chance to win! 

I look forward to your comments! The drawing will be Sunday, February 19, 2012 at 9 pm CST.

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Thanks and just keep stitchin’


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13 Responses

  1. My two crafting loves are crochet and quilting. What I love is the companionship that I find with fellow crafters — no matter where I travel.

  2. I love traditional quilting patterns but using completely non-traditional fabrics. To me the most interesting part is the design process of piecing.

  3. My present-day crafting love is quilting. I used to crochet but haven’t done very much of that in quite a long time. I also do some loom knitting making hats for newborns in the hospital. I love to work with my hands and I especially love the satisfaction of making something that I can then give away so it will be loved by someone else.

  4. I LOVE Jennifer Chiaverini novels! My favorite thing about quilting is the actual quilting itself. From the moment I start a quilt, I’m thinking of what kind of quilt design I’ll use on it!

  5. I love to read Jennifer’s books. i am always looking for them at book sales. my favorite quilting experience at the moment is selvage quilting. i have about a dozen selvage quilts.

  6. I love the whole process of quiltmaking. I love the creative process that I undertake when I make a quilt from the fabrics chosesn, to the design, to the quilting and then the final step of binding. After that, I love the fact that someone I love will have a little piece of me and something warm and snuggly to wrap up in. I like to think of it as a hug from me.

  7. I love everything about quilting – finding the fabric, matching the design with fabric, and especially quilting the top.

    Have read all Jennifer’s novels, looking forward to the newest one!

  8. I love what quilting does for me theraputically. While I an a quiltaholic/fabraholic and enjoy everything about quilting I always find that when I’m at my lowest points/not feeling well just to hold and touch fabric or sew mindlessly on crumb block style/wonky piecing projects is so rewarding and makes life so great at those moments.

  9. I love WATCHING my sister’s quilting creations! – she is THE BEST! – hence L & R Designs Quilting! Unfortunately I have resolved to very quick crafting projects – so I love crocheting around washcloths and giving them as presents with money inside! Even my kids know to look for a “washcloth” in their gifts!!!

  10. I love the planning of a quilt. Colors, designs, cutting, and then seeing it all come together as I piece!

  11. I’m a huge fan of Jennifer’s books. Have enjoyed all of them released so far. If I had to pick just one thing that I love about it quilting, it would be the opportunity to play with gorgeous colours every day.

  12. I love quilting, and love it more as time goes by. I love picturing the outcome, choosing the fabrics, and learning how to put it all together.