Wedding Quilt Revealed!

Wedding Quilt Revealed!

Love Birds - a wedding quiltAshley and Travis are married!  We’re back from their Nashville destination wedding!  I was honored to present the newlyweds with a quilt, “Love Birds”, while we cruised up and down the Cumberland River enjoying great scenery and awesome southern food!

Thanks to Facebook pictures, I knew Ashley would like a black and white themed quilt.  When I saw a version of this quilt,  I knew I could change it to fit Ashley and Travis’ black and white decor.

Love Birds - backThe flying geese blocks are black/white fabrics with three aqua geese scattered around.  The background fabric is several white and white on white fabrics.  The color variety among the white is more obvious in the bright August sunlight.  The quilting is simple undulating rows I call Shifting Sands.

a little sliver of aqua loveThe back of the quilt is pieced with the leftover flying geese, making the quilt reversible.

Love Birds - wrapped and readyJust for fun, I added a little piece of aqua fabric into the binding, angling the seams like a flying geese block.  I positioned it near the bottom corner where the quilt is all white.  I love it!

I used a silver marker to label the quilt near the aqua sliver.

Four babies and a wedding, done!  Never fear, I’m still designing and sewing quilts, there’s always next year!!

Thanks!  Linda 🙂


Here’s a link to purchase this pattern, originally published as “Snow Geese” by Jean Nolte in Fons and Porter Easy Quilts.  I did not follow the pattern construction methods for making flying geese or the layout of the background fabric.  I basically re-wrote the pattern!  Do you do that?

Thanks for your comments!!  I love them!

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6 Responses

  1. Great quilt…lovely colors. But you really ought to give credit to Jean Nolte, who designed this quilt, “Snow Geese”, the pattern for which was published in Easy Quilts (Quilter’s Club of America), Winter 2012, pages 12-16.

  2. Yes, that’s exactly where I got it, I was trying to find a link to show the picture but for this post about the happy couple I left it at that. I love Jean’s quilts and used her layout but used my own construction technique for the flying geese and scrappy white fabrics. Thanks for the mention, I was hoping to do a follow up later about how I changed the pattern!