Blue and Yellow, Front and Back

Blue and Yellow, Front and Back

Lois' blue and yellow quiltLots of quilting here!  The outside border is quilted with blue thread, the center area is quilted with yellow thread.  In most cases, I match the needle and bobbin thread.backing detail yellow and blue threadLois used a solid light backing, therefore, the back of the quilt is blue and yellow, too!  What do you think about using contrasting thread against a light backing fabric?  When planning your fabric for the backing, consider the thread!four patch borderHere’s a detail of the quilting designs.  I love how the yellow and blue areas are defined and the 4-patches pop!

The middle is stitched with my Cockscomb meander and the border is a floral meander with Terry Twist in the four patches.  By using freehand designs, I can shrink or enlarge the stitching to fit the space.  I just have to remember which one I’m stitching!

Thanks!  Linda 🙂


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