Aria’s Hawkeye Rainbow Twister

Aria’s Hawkeye Rainbow Twister

Aria's Hawkeye Rainbow TwisterWe celebrated Aria’s first birthday last weekend and like Landon, I made a Lil’ Twister for her.  Iowa Hawkeye fabric is perfect for this family and I added a 2 1/2″ border after sewing the twisters together.  This is so fun to make, but I’ll need to get another pack of Kona charms squares to make more!lil twister and itty bitty twister before cuttingHere’s what the quilt looks like before the Lil’ Twister cutting.  The smaller one is the waste squares from Landon’s Lil’ Twister before cutting with the Itty Bitty template.Itty Bitty TwisterHere’s the Itty Bitty Twister sewn together.  The cutting mat grids are an inch and the twisters are about the size of a quarter!  It’s tiny!  This is still in the unfinished phase, I haven’t decided how to quilt and finish it!Me and Aria at her birthday partyAfter playing in the splash pad, we got Aria to cooperate and get a picture of us!  Isn’t she adorable?!  The back of the Lil’ Twister is Hawkeye fabric, too, perfect for a table topper during football season!

Here’s  photo progression of making Landon’s Lil’ Twister quilt, time for you to make one, too!!  If you click on the pictures, there’s a description of the process, too.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!


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