Pillow Cases and Travel Pillows!

Pillow Cases and Travel Pillows!
Matching pillow case and travel pillow

Matching pillow case and travel pillow for Gabby and Kai

I can’t stop making pillow cases and travel pillows!

Frozen fabric pillow cases

Olaf flannel for Jordy and Character Toss for Anabel

It all started at Thanksgiving, I made Jordy and Anabel Frozen fabric pillow cases to give to them at our family reunion.

Travel pillows for all

Cyclones for Alex and Jack, Hawkeyes for Aria, Mickey for Landon, Big Trucks for Jordy

Before I was done, I had six travel pillows and three pillow cases, enough to give to every single digit child at our reunion.

More travel pillows for all

Frozen for Anabel and Jordy, Star Wars for Libby and Rachel, Hawkeyes for Haley

I kept going and by Christmas another six were made!I’ll be heading back for more pillow forms!  The travel pillows are a great size for all ages so I’ll be making many more!Mimosa fabric for WindhamI’m in love with this Mimosa fabric from Windham!  Who wouldn’t like that?!

If I keep making them, I’ll have to open and Etsy shop to start selling them!!

Stay tuned for my recap of 2014!

Thanks!  Linda


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One Response

  1. Beautiful pillowcases. I make pillowcases for all the grandkids each Christmas. I find out their interests and buy fabric accordingly. This year it was Frozen, Sophia the First, Minnie Mouse, and 2 were camouflage. They are fun to pick out main and accent fabrics to make them even more interesting.