Graffiti Quilting!

Graffiti Quilting!

is-and-os-quiltEarlier this year, Teresa brought me this fun quilt with lots of open spaces and she gave me permission to do whatever I wanted.  I immediately wanted to fill it with graffiti quilting! The term has been popularized by Karlee Porter, here’s her crash course!  front-detailHere’s my style of freestyle, graffiti, free motion quilting!  I love it!front-detail-4I was actually hoping that Teresa would hate it and I could keep it!front-detail-3It is a time consuming way to quilt but lots of fun!back-detailI have another quilt in my queue for graffiti quilting, we’ll see how that goes!!

Thanks for looking!  Any comments can be made on my Facebook page.

Linda 🙂

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