Corner, Middle, Corner, Middle

Corner, Middle, Corner, Middle

Here’s a quilt by Candy showing the breakdown of the quilting pattern, corner, middle, corner, middle (c, m, c, m).  The first time I used this design on one of Candy’s quilts a few years ago, I loved it and wanted to do it again!  In fact, I made 2 of my Bucket List quilts just so I could quilt this design again!   When she brought me this quilt, we both knew it would be a good design for all these triangles!

The One block photo shows the stitching sequence – c, m, c, m – until you are back where you started.  And yes, you must say those words as you stitch, “corner, middle, corner, middle”!  The block is about 8″ and I use a ruler, stopping at each corner to reposition the ruler with the needle down.

The Four block photo shows the secondary pattern starting to emerge.  This is where I start the stitching, in the center of four blocks.  I can stitch out four blocks before having to break my thread.

The Partial and Whole quilt photos show the secondary pattern that is created with the “stars”.  Isn’t that awesome?!  This design works well in cornerstones and blocks when they are separated by sashings but I love it when they are all together creating another design.

The batting is Quilter’s Dream Poly select and the thread is OMNI by Superior Threads.

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