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New Quilt Easy Video

New Quilt Easy Video

I love quilting the Rainbow Twister quilts with a continuous pinwheel design.  I chose a neutral thread that contrasts with all the classic Kona charm squares.  In this case, it’s Superior So Fine! #50 – 458 Lone Wolf.  The batting is Quilters Dream Puff, a favorite, to add some loft.  Enjoy the Quilt Easy video!

Sometimes, I plan to quilt two projects at once, like this Rainbow Twister.  These are for two little one year old boys!  Alex got his last week, I’m excited for E to get his next week!

quilting in progress

The second pass of vertical lines is added to complete the grid but I don’t remove and rotate the quilts, I use the needle down on my machine and advance the quilt!  Easy!




Vintage Trip Around the World and new Quilt Easy Video

Vintage Trip Around the World and new Quilt Easy Video

Nina's Vintage TripThis is Nina’s first quilt!  She created a wonderful Trip Around the World using vintage fabric and an uneven layout to have the “trip” centered on the bed.Planned patternThe quilting is a freehand “X” thru each square, simple.  The batting is Quilters Dream 100% Cotton Request which is normally used for hand quilting.  Actually, Nina wanted no batting, so this was a compromise and the result was great!  The quilt is very soft and cuddly!!

Another Quilt Easy video is available!  Swirl & Curl is one of my favorite go to designs that’s easy to execute and if you’re a beginner, very forgiving.  It’s easy to vary and add other shapes, too!  Have fun with it!

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