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Cross Stitch Quilt

Cross Stitch Quilt

Earlier this year I was honored to work on a group project quilt.  Paul likes to cross stitch and his sister in law, Mary, likes to quilt.  They teamed up to make this quilt.This quilt is fun to see the before and after quilting.  I redefined the blocks with the quilting, obscuring the actual block size.  I love the effect!Except for some straight line ruler work in the cross stitch blocks, all the stitching is freehand!

So, maybe this will motivate me to make a quilt with these vintage cross stitch blocks!  I’m undecided on the way to finish them.

The printed quilting lines make a cool pattern when set together, but it seems like it needs some sashing.  I have 19 of these blocks, yes an odd number!  If you have any ideas, please comment on my Facebook page!

Thanks!  Here’s to a healthy and happy 2017!

Linda 🙂

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