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Crazy plus Hearts and Stars quilts

Crazy plus Hearts and Stars quilts

Shell meander detail


Marilyn called this her Crazy quilt!

Crazy quilt



I love the randomness of the blocks in the close up view and the almost planned look in the full view.  What do you think?


We decided to use a hot pink thread and a shell meander for the quilting design.  I love pink thread on the black backing fabric.  It made my camera crazy, so I didn’t get a picture of that!  Do you like to contrast your quilting thread to the backing?  For me, I would say, yes and no!  It depends on the quilt!

Floral Medley quilting detail

Hearts and Stars



For Hearts and Stars, the thread is a neutral and blends with the fabric, front and back.  The thread needed to blend for this quilt to stay within it’s character.


Do you see the hearts and stars?  I had to look at this a minute to see it.  The E2E design for this one is Floral Medley, lots of different floral designs with random petals that look like hearts!

Thanks for looking!  Linda 🙂

Quilt Wrangling!

Quilt Wrangling!

I’ve been wrangling some big quilts lately and I still have a few more to go!  Here’s a fairly large quilt by Connie.  It’s bigger than my hanging space!

We decided to quilt it with a overall freehand shell meander, maybe you would call it peacock  feathers or 1, 2, 3.  Do you have a name for this quilting design?

The thread is Superior OMNI and the batting is Quilter’s Dream 100% cotton select.

Bonus!  The back is pieced!  The thread matches so well, it’s hard to see but it would make a nice reversible quilt.


Our quilt guild had a trunk show this week and the presenters pieced most of their backs from the leftover project fabrics.  Now, that’s one way not to have lots of fabric scraps!  What do you prefer?

Thanks for looking and just keep stitchin’


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