Connie’s Twister Quilt

Connie’s Twister Quilt

Don’t you love the modern colors for this twister quilt?  And Connie used the leftover squares to make the small twister border!  That’s a nice feature of using the twister tool.  Connie wanted minimal quilting that featured the twister pattern,  She also selected a darker plain backing fabric so the quilting would show on the back. I designed a tessellating pattern running through the large twisters and a smaller version for the borders.  The cream background is a small loop meander.

I love the secondary pattern this is created and evident from the back.  This will make a fun reversible quilt!

The batting is Quilter’s Dream Wool which is great for accentuating quilting!

The top thread is Superior OMNI, light tan and the bobbin thread is Superior So Fine #50 Teepee.  By using darker thread in bobbin the thread color was subtle against the orange fabric.  The lighter top thread was perfect for the background and twister fabric without having to change thread colors.

Still have a couple of quilts to post before I finish for the year and then on to 2012!

Thanks for looking!



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5 Responses

  1. I just made my first tiny Twister and discovered your beautiful quilting on this little gem. Is there a pattern for the quilting ? It is exquisite! I would love to try the same on my quilt, with your permission. If allowed, could you give me a little outline, so I know where to start and how to proceed? Your workmanship is wonderful. If not, I understand. In either case, bravo, and thanks for sharing so much with all of us!

  2. Thank you for your nice comments! Connie’s quilt is the big twister but you could do the same design. If you look at the close up picture you might be able to see my continuous path thru the twisters. I’ll do a little drawing for you, too, but it might take me a couple of days! My next quilt is another twister and I’m doing another design for that one. And yes, feel free to quilt away!

  3. I was looking for quilting designs for my small Lil Twister quilt and came across yours. I LOVE this design and would be thrilled to use it on my quilt. I just have a regular Bernina machine, not a longarm. Do you sell your quilting patterns?

  4. Hi I would love to get a copy of the pattern to make, it is stunning and I just love the boarder with the left over pinwheels. I am in Australia and seem be unable to get the pattern for something using the pinwheel. Is it possible to buy your pattern in PDF format or get it from somewhere.

    thanks so much

  5. This quilt uses the 10″ and 5″ Twister Tool available from The Country Schoolhouse. The quilter, Connie, used the 10″ tool for the middle of the quilt and the 5″ for the outside border. She added enough inner border fabric to make it fit. I’m sorry but there is no pdf pattern for this! But thanks for commenting!